Welcome to our classroom at JW Sexton High School!

Mr. Heck enforces the following classroom policies in order to create clear behavior expectations and foster a safe and clean learning environment in which all students can achieve as much as possible,

Students are expected to:

Students who choose to disrupt the learning process should expect one and or all of the following consequences:

Late Work Policy:

Late work will be accepted until the end of a unit. Any late work will be marked down 30%. Once a new unit is started, any work from the previous uit will bot be accepted. The only exceptions are assignments that are due the week of the unit test. These assignments must be turned in within one week of the unit test for late credit.

Making up/Missed Work:

Work due to absence: Studenjt must ask for missed work due to illness, ect immediatly upon return to school. Work must be completed according to the teacher's discretion. Outcomes will vary.


Grading Scale

90% - 100%


87% - 89%


80% - 86%


77% - 79%


70% - 76%


67% - 69%


60% - 66%





Final Grade Weighting 40/40/20

1st Marking Period = 40%
2nd Marking Period = 40%
Final Exam = 20% (All students will take the final exam)


PLAGIARISM - "Attempting to earn credit by representing the work of another as your own"

Plagiarism is dishonest, unethical and will not be tolerated. Acts of plagiarism will result in administrative actions up to and including suspension. All students cooperating in acts of plagiarism will face these consequence. (So don't let others copy your work!)


Standards for Quality Work:

All written work must be typed (word processed) on 8 1/2 x 11 white paper (unless otherwise specified)

All written work must meet standards of quality work as described above. In addition, project /assignment rubric may call for an even higher standard. Please read all instructions(rubrics) carefully and then do what it says!.


Attendance Policy:

All classrooms will follow the Lansing School District's Attendance Policy.








Additional Help

Available upon request. Email Mr. Heck at: randall.heck@lansingschools.net